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Be the one who speaks out above the crowd when everyone else follows the norms.


Our Team is a bunch of dreamers. We are inspired designers, passionate creative, organizers, and lovers of love stories. Our event planning studio SPECIALIZES in TOP OF THE LINE full service planning in the production of ONE OF A KIND weddings and special events since 2002. This is why we take a limited number of events every year to ensure the highest level of service and integrity in each event. You deserve to simply show up on the day and have nothing else to worry about besides marrying your best friend and having the time of your life! We are RENOWNED for creating flawless weddings that are stylish, beautiful and timeless. Our weddings have been published internationally.

We’d love to get to know you.
In the mean time, let us introduce ourselves.


Owner and creative director
Born and raised in Florence, is the principal planner and founder of Weddings in Tuscany.



Event Manager
I started the job of wedding planner by chance 15 years ago, helping one of my friends, who needed a collaborator for a huge event.



Event Manager
I grew up amidst the marvelous Tuscan countryside, perpetually surrounded by the beauty, the fragrances and flavors of this awe-inspiring land that anyone from around the world loves and cherishes.



Event Manager
Born and raised in Florence, Elena has always loved to travel and make acquaintance with new people and new cultures.



We do what we love and we love what we do.
We can’t wait to meet you
and learn more about your celebration!


We are often asked WHAT IS IT LIKE to be…


Being a wedding planner is:

5am starts and 5am finishes.

It’s spending sleepless nights trying to match the perfect flowers with the perfect fabrics.

It’s working and laughing with the most amazing and creative people you can imagine.

It’s working in the burning sun or in the pouring rain with the same enthusiasm.

It’s putting our passion, creativity, dreams and soul into a design.

It’s never give up since there is nothing else in the world that we’d rather do.

It’s rejoicing, laughing, suffering and crying with the best team you can dream of.

It’s months of planning, only hours to build and minutes to tear down.

It’s creating something truly amazing.

It’s going beyond our own expectations.

It is getting to know our couples.

It’s the light in their eyes.

It’s the moment you realize that it was all worth it.


Whether you choose to have a civil, symbolic or religious wedding ceremony, a business function or a birthday party, we offer complete event planning services. By tailoring every detail to your particular taste and style, we can make sure that your celebration is everything you have always imagined.

We approach each event, no matter how big or small, with a fresh perspective and the creative inspiration drawn from the beauty of Tuscany. Our love of this extraordinary region comes through in everything we do. The breathtaking landscapes, incredible culture, art, food, architecture and people, make it the perfect setting for an exceptional event.

We strive to promote all things local, especially our wide range of talented vendors who represent the best in the event industry. Our amazing photographers will capture every moment of your celebration to perfection, our caterers will serve only the best, fresh, seasonal Tuscan delicacies, and our florists will create your gorgeous floral arrangements using the most stunning local blooms. We all work together to create totally unique and unforgettable events.


Attention to Detail

Our signature events are intentionally designed to be a genuine reflection of the individual style of each client. All design elements are carefully considered and tailored to the couple with the aim of creating a unique event that exceeds their expectations.

Honesty and Integrity

Kindness and honesty are the founding principles of Chiara’s work. She feels that everyone benefits from transparency, and it is a vital part of her planning process. In planning your wedding you will have a trusted team on your side that works with you at every step to bring your vision to life.

Inclusivity and Equality

To love is to be human and to be human is to be unique. Creating a culture within the wedding industry which actively seeks to embrace and serve all people, respecting race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and any other individual characteristics or preference is what Weddings in Tuscany aims to do.


We advocate for our clients and make sure no one takes advantage of you. This also means offering you perks from our trusted vendors and being committed to getting you the very best of everything.


We offer creative solutions, ideas, design elements, and skillful problem solving, enabling us to bring your vision and wishes to life in a way that is unique to you.


For over two decades, Chiara has leveraged her quick-thinking and calm disposition to confidently lead her team in executing beautiful events that leave her clients both happy and satisfied.
Our collaborators are seasoned and creative professionals. We are efficient and value our clients’ time as much as our own. We are passionate and enthusiastic and go above and beyond to proactively foresee and prevent problems. In our desire to be authentic and genuine, we always give clients our honest opinions based on our long experience.

We may be your guides, but this is YOUR wedding. Our clients’ success is our success.


We treat people with kindness

Providing Quality Service

As experienced wedding planners we have established relationships with reputable vendors in the industry. Our extensive network allows us to recommend quality professionals for your wedding day, ensuring that you have access to the best services and products.


Your vision and desires are our priority, and we are here to bring them to life. We will advocate for you and support you every step of the way, and above all, on the most important day: the day of your ceremony. You can relax and enjoy your special day, knowing that every detail is taken care of.