Francesca Spinelli

Event Manager

I grew up amidst the marvelous Tuscan countryside, perpetually surrounded by the beauty, the fragrances and flavors of this awe-inspiring land that anyone from around the world loves and cherishes. I am married and have a beautiful baby girl,  I adore my two black kitties and am a passionate of Tuscan recipes and fine wine. I love to travel and get to know people from foreign countries while remaining affectionate to my home plunged in the green of Tuscan hills, where I work and study.
After my studies in foreign languages, my first work experiences have been in the tourist sector and special event organization, where I discovered my inclination for public relations. My passion for art and nature led me to work for nearly ten years in a beautiful resort, where I further developed my expertise in the hospitality business and organization of special events. It is here that I experienced my first approach to the wedding planning world and got to understand what my real passion was.
My musical studies, that I continue practicing, my experience in the hospitality sector and in the world of enogastronomy – and, above all, the expertise that I acquired in the organization and planning of special events and weddings, help me day by day to better understand the needs and wishes of couples that I am so lucky to assist in crowning their dream of a lifetime, and give them the proper suggestions.
Each wedding is a white canvas  of its own where, every time, it is possible to paint using different colors and nuances to make it unique and unrepeatable. The smiles that the newlyweds address at me, their signs of affection and words of thankfulness mean the highest satisfaction to me and the reason why I chose to follow this professional path.