Countryside Weddings and the Val d’Orcia

The location of your wedding ceremony and reception has a significant effect on every element of the big day; it will determine everything from your choice of caterers to the number of guests who will be able to attend.

The location also speaks about you as a couple and so it is important to choose a place that reflects your style and personality.

Which kind of wedding better suits your needs: a city wedding or a country wedding? Do you want soft rolling hills and languid panoramas or the lively hustle and bustle of the city center?

A city wedding would surely make it easy for family and friends to likely respond positively to RSVP’s for your big day, knowing that there is a wide choice of hotels, restaurants, and public transportation available to them during their stay. And if you are a couple that tends toward “street”, photo opportunities abound in the city with busy streets, markets and historic monuments.


A countryside wedding could take a bit more planning in some instances. A wedding high in the Dolomites would likely exclude a good number of guests, but not all locations make it difficult getting to and from your event. Many locations are just a stone’s throw away from the city, making is easy to arrange a rural countryside escape while still ensuring easy access for your guests. Many venues offer on-site accommodations and that means that your guests won’t have to leave early while the party is still going strong!

And the city is no rival for the traditional wedding picture with a background of rolling hills, gardens and graceful stone villas. Think of the mild temperatures of spring and its glorious new growth and abundant flowers. Consider the glowing warmth of summer for a an outdoor party that lasts long into the breezy night. Consider the autumn for its magnificent colors painting a vast landscape in golden tones.

A wedding in the countryside offers many unique choices. Countryside weddings can be as casual and laid back or as posh and glamorous as you wish and can be either indoors or outside surrounded by nature.

One such place is in the Val d’Orcia, a region of Tuscany that extends from the hills south of Siena to Monte Amiata and dotted with picturesque towns and villages. The Val d’Orcia was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2004.

These splendid places were celebrated by the Sienese School of painters between the 13th and 15th centuries, depicting people living in harmony with nature, and in modern times by photographers.

Val d’Orcia brings together art, landscape and ecosystem into one place, the pure expression of its marvelous natural characteristics.

UNESCO believes that it is a remarkable example of the redesigning of a natural setting practiced during the Renaissance to reflect the ideals of good governance of the Italian City-State.

A dense vegetation of vineyards, olive groves, cypresses, beech and chestnut trees covers the soft rolling hills dotted with Medieval hamlets, rural villas and castles.

There are countless places where you can experience an evocative and richly variable visit: Contignano, Monticchiello, Bagno Vignoni, Rocca d’Orcia, Campiglia d’Orcia, Bagni San Filippo, and Vivo d’Orcia just to name a few. Your journey through the past will certainly leave you hungry for more, and the enogastronomic products of the region will satisfy every craving.

Within this region is a strip of land where the fabled Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wines are produced. There is the cacio pecorino of Pienza, honey from Val d’Orcia, extra-virgin olive oil from Castiglione d’Orcia, mushrooms, truffles and salamis made of Cinta Senese pork.

Your countryside wedding could take place in a Medieval hamlet, a castle surrounded by vineyards, or a in country estate, or small Medieval churches or formal Italian gardens also for symbolic ceremonies.

You might plan your menu, the music and even your wedding attire to reflect the part of the countryside that you have chosen.

A Medieval wedding with roasted meats and tall centerpieces overflowing with fruits and flowers, and flutes and fiddles to inspire dance in your fair maiden dress…

Or the simple, seasonal foods of the farmers of days gone by with hearty soups, hard cheeses and aged ham accompanied by a bold red wine… a guitarist strumming in the background, Italian lace adorning your dress and flowers braided in your hair.

Whatever your choice of style, a countryside wedding is not only a declaration of the love for nature and between bride and groom, but an intimate message from you to your guests… a message of returning to your roots, of celebrating all of the bounty that the Earth has to offer.

Your journey here has been long and the planning intricate; you want everything to be perfect and everyone to be happy and relaxed. The countryside creates peace of mind, has a calming effect, and brings us back to ourselves.

We stop and smell the flowers, savor a sip of world renowned wine, and the sharp bite of cheese that a farmer has so lovingly produced. The crinkle of white fabrics and the soft sound of steps on green grass, laughter in the evening light, glasses chiming together in good wishes, and soft breezes ruffling our hair.

The city can wait for a day or two as you immerse yourself in the silence and the green gold of the Italian countryside… meditative and introspective about the most important day of your life.


Whether your wedding is for 50 guests or 500, each detail is equally as important. Let us help you craft the perfect event.

We will exceed your expectations, while becoming members of your family for a most important day of celebration.

Chiara Sernesi

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