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Flying to Florence on the Wings of Love

“On the very first day of summer, when a mantle of heat enveloped the whole of Tuscany, no better place could be found to find a refreshing cool breeze than a magnificent Villa tucked in the hills above Florence. Not by chance was this Villa a property of the Medici family in past centuries, where the lords of Florence could find refuge far from the ‘madding crowd’ and the hot temperatures of the city.

Six years ago, the new owners masterfully renovated and refurbished the Villa, which has been transformed into a marvelous location for wedding parties and event celebrations.

Upon the arrival of the wedding party at the Villa, cocktails were served along with finger food in the shade of the garden, offering a breathtaking view of Florence and its cathedral. A delicious dinner was served on the panoramic terrace, where a myriad of tiny lights recreated a star filled sky.

The speeches by family and friends were both moving and jovial, adding a final touch to the warmth of the event.

More than just an airplane, it was Love that had the right Wings to bring this lovely couple to crown the dream of their lifetime in Florence!

This is just one of the special atmospheres that can be created for a Villa wedding.

Whether you choose a blessing, a religious ceremony, or a civil ceremony, you will not be disappointed!
Florence and its surrounds are dotted with majestic villas that were once (and some still are) owned by local noble families. These villas can be rented for your wedding day or for more days at a time; some provide guestrooms so you are able to gather the wedding party for a three-day celebration.

During the Italian Renaissance, wedding parties were often lengthy, flamboyant affairs, sometimes lasting for days. There are descriptions of the lavish scenery and floats present for the all-important Medici family in the 16th century, like a triumphal arch with ornate columns and cornices all covered with figures and scenes. There were theatrical events and, for the great court weddings, often an entire city would be transformed into a stage set for performers.

The wedding feast was a luxuriant affair with entertainment and many courses of food as well as sculptures made of food simply for a feast for the eyes. Not everyone was economically capable of such stupendous measure, but nobility held parades complete with floats and floral arrangements and tables were covered with embroidered tablecloths for feasts of forty courses or more. Guests admired sugar sculptures and, when the dancing and music and song had drawn to a close, there were fireworks in symbol of a finale.

While most contemporary wedding parties and feasts do not go to such extremes, they are certainly representative of our desire to mark the most important day of our lives.

One thing that certainly adds to the expression of our Wedding day is the choice of floral decoration.

Adding to the sense of place with a wedding in Tuscany might be choosing local wildflowers and plants. Early in spring we find primroses and then in June the glorious red poppy. Sunflowers accompany us all through the summer. In wooded areas we find anemones, cyclamen, belladonna, Scotch broom and flowering raspberries. Some of these plants can be found in the gardens of villas around Tuscany. In Medieval times, gardens were traditionally enclosed areas, separate from the homes or monasteries they were associated with.

The garden area was dedicated to the growing of fruits and vegetables and medicinal herbs, and for silent meditation in the case of monastery gardens.

In the late 15th century a new style of garden emerged inspired by classical ideals seen in ancient Roman gardens. No longer a place to simply admire the vegetation, they became larger and more symmetrical, a place of order and beauty, a place for contemplation in the presence of the sights and sounds of the garden itself.

Typical of the Renaissance garden were fountains, grottoes, water organs and statues all intended to amuse and delight visitors.

When visiting Florence, one might happen upon an open gate and catch a glimpse of a garden. Some gardens are open to the public like the famous Boboli Garden. A smaller garden, perhaps lesser known but nevertheless a beautiful example of Renaissance gardens is the Bardini Garden.

One of the most striking elements of the Bardini Garden is the grand Baroque staircase that culminates with a small lookout building, from which is offered a spectacular view of the city. The soft sound of water playfully splashes against mosaic fountains, and the scent of roses and iris lilts through the air, and colorful hydrangeas and other decorative plants dot the garden.

Naturally, the best time to visit these gardens is in the Spring when they are in full bloom, but also anytime the weather is warm and dry. May is the month to enjoy the heady scents and brightly colored petals of the Rose Garden and the Iris Garden.

  • The Rose Garden has more than 350 varieties of roses, but also includes lemon trees and a Japanese Garden, and 12 sculptures by Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon.
  • The Iris Garden has over 200 species of iris, called giglio or giaggiolo in Italian and is the symbol of the city of Florence. The garden spreads over 2.5 hectares, with a permanent exhibition of Tall and Border Bearded Irises. There are aquatic varieties growing in a pond, olive trees and other ornamental and spontaneous species.

And then there is the Orto Botanico, a botanical garden maintained by the University of Florence. The garden was established in 1545 by Cosimo I de’ Medici, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, and today contains some 9,000 specimens.

Whether your wedding is for 50 guests or 500, each detail is equally as important. Let us help you craft the perfect event.

We will exceed your expectations, while becoming members of your family for a most important day of celebration.

Chiara Sernesi

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