For those who are looking for a 5 stars luxury service, our team of Apulia specialist takes pride in providing incredible service for every client and every event.

Apulia is not only crystal clear sea, golden beaches and the baroque architecture, Apulia is also the flavors of the typical deli and ancient traditions. Tiny villages where the time stands still, where women dress up in black and sunburnt men sit on the benches of the small square.

The long coasts of the Salento Peninsula are washed by the ionic and the Adriatic Sea . The landscapes are beautiful, with enchanting century-old olive groves often surrounding old Masserie.

In this region we picked 4 Masserie that have been restored and converted into luxury 5 star boutique hotels for your luxury exclusive rural chic wedding.



Location is everything. Choosing your wedding venue is usually one of the most difficult decisions. Finding the perfect venue can take a lot of time and effort.

With OUR professional, experience, resources and relationships with the venue contacts, we make the process very easy and stress free for you. We know that once the location is chosen, the planning process can begin and everything will fall into place.

Over the years we have had the privilege to work with some of the finest Locations.

We offer you hundreds of spectacular, unique and diverse weddings locations. We talk with you in depth and evaluate your needs and desires and present to you the venues that we feel would be a perfect fit for you and that match all your criteria.

IF YOU ARE ABLE TO COME TO TUSCANY WE WILL ACCOMPANY YOU ON A SITE SEARCH to walk through each venue and assist you in finding the perfect location for your special day, WE WILL ASSIST you as you make your final selection and negotiate on your behalf. While producing events for over 14 years, we have developed many wonderful relationships with venues contacts.
If you are not able to come , we will carry out the necessary research on your behalf, by showing you our large archive of photos and providing detailed information regarding the services, amenities and costs of each property, you will be able to select the one that most closely reflects your taste and satisfies your requirements.

If you have already chosen your venue, we still walk through with you.

Whether your wedding is for 50 guests or 500, each detail is equally as important. Let us help you craft the perfect event.

We will exceed your expectations, while becoming members of your family for a most important day of celebration.

Chiara Sernesi

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