Elena Petrucci

Event Manager

I was born in the Tuscan Mountains, the Appennines. I have always loved the snow and cold weather, white never-ending expanses of snow, that are able to inspire my imagination. Fortunately, thanks to a scholarship, I was finally able to live in Finland, in the lake region for a while, enjoying the continuous snow storms that you cannot see anywhere else. I learnt to ice-skate on the lakes, like in the fairy tales a and had the opportunity to sky a lot at night in the wood. Then, after my degree in Russian and English Language and Literature I went to live in Russia, Saint Petersburg, for a few months. Reading Dostojevskii and Tolstoj. I started the job of wedding planner by chance 15 years ago, helping one of my friends, who needed a collaborator for a huge event. Thanks to this fortunate coincidence, I realized that this could actually be the job of my life. That happened! I’ve been a wedding planner for more than 10 years, now. I would never change my job, I am aware of this! I never get bored, since every single wedding is a unique and tailor-made creation! Every time I meet a “new” couple I am anxious to understand what their expectations are, in order to make their ideas come true! It is a pleasant challenge, every time! I am also a wife and a busy and proud mother of two clever boys!