Elena Giorgetti

Event Manager

Born and raised in Florence, Elena has always loved to travel and make acquaintance with new people and new cultures. That is why she focused her studies on foreign languages.
While at college, she spent a semester at a university in the US. After graduating from the University for translators and interpreters, she made her first key working experience at Villa San Michele, a five-star hotel run by a prestigious chain at the reservations back office. Here she was introduced to the magical world of luxury travel experiences and special event organization.
It was precisely at Villa San Michele that she understood how important it was for foreign couples wishing to get married in Italy to rely not only on a dedicated wedding planner but also on a person that could give proper assistance on legal paperwork, so that a marriage solemnized in Italy could also be recognized in the couple’s home country
In the following years, she therefore focused on this niche sector of legal paperwork assistance in the wedding field. She is constantly updated with new regulations in force and offers advice and instructions on specific paperwork and procedures.