Rebecca and Sean

Rebecca and Sean

We loved working with these two !
Their wedding mixed rustic romance with country chic touches. The wedding took place at a beautiful private country villa . The ceremony was filled with a few happy tears, but mostly laughs.
Congratulation one again you two we had the beat time working with you wishing you all the happiness in the world!

Knowing that what we do make those couples and their families happy , is at the end of the day what matters!!
Each of our clients has left a blessing in our lives , and we thank you all for the opportunity of being part of their wedding day!
Please read their comments…

When Sean and I got engaged looking out at the incredibly picturesque blue mountains in Australia, we knew we just had to have similar breath-taking views on our wedding day too. After a little research, Tuscany stole our hearts; the beautiful outdoor weddings with the rolling Tuscan hills as a backdrop… we knew it had to be ours.

Seeing as neither of us speak any Italian we decided to employ the services of a wedding planner to help us out. Chiara at Weddings in Tuscany was the very first planner (or, fairy godmother as I now refer to her) that we had the privilege of speaking with, and she was the last. After having spoken to her at length on Skype late one evening, we knew that she was ‘the one’ as she knew exactly what we wanted before we’d even said it – she literally finished our sentences for us!

The whole experience with both Chiara and Elena, from that initial Skype chat to The Big Day was flawless. They run an amazing company, where nothing is ever too much trouble and no question is silly. No word of a lie, I would often wake up in the middle of the night with ideas and questions bouncing around in my head and ping them over straight away… in the morning, I’d usually wake up to a reply from Chiara answering all of my questions and approving most of my bizarre ideas.

The wedding day itself was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t have asked for more. The weather was perfect, the villa was stunning and it was all down to Chiara and her team running everything so seamlessly. We barely even knew they were there – except for a special moment Chiara and I shared before the dancing started, one which will always bring a big grin to my face!

This woman knows the best vendors (the catering was INCREDIBLE), the most perfect settings and gave us the biggest and best party we have ever thrown. I doubt I would ever be able to top Chiara’s work and I would highly recommend Weddings in Tuscany to anyone, no matter what your budget or your vision. She will create the perfect, most amazing day for you and your partner. Ours will certainly be remembered by us and our family and friends forever.

PH Credits Carla Penoncelli


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