Apulia weddings


Apulia weddings

We are excited to announce our new Destination weddings !


For those who are looking for a 5 start luxury service, our team of Apulia specialis takes pride in providing incredible service for every client and every event.

Apulia is not only crystal clear sea, golden beaches and the baroque architecture, Apulia is also the flavours of the typical deli and ancient traditions. Tiny villages where the time stands still, where women dress up in black and sunburnt men sit on the benches of the small square.

The long coasts of the Salento Peninsula are washed by the ionic and the Adriatic Sea . The landscapes are beautiful, with enchanting century-old olive groves often surrounding old Masserie.

In this region we picked 4 Masserie that have been restored and converted into luxury 5 star boutique hotels for your luxury exclusive rural  chic wedding.

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Whimsical Tuscan wedding


Aly and Ryan beginning of a beautiful forever


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