The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Wedding in Tuscany

The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Wedding in Tuscany

  1. First Skype with a possible wedding planner.When a bride –to be and a groom to-be contact us, we suggest to arrange  a Skype call to introduce ourselves. On this first meeting, we are usually quite concise and risk to look brusque.
    We tend to ask for essential questions, which allow us to understand those few particulars from which your wedding will take shape.
    Therefore, although it might seem that we do not want to waste our time, remember that we need a few details to begin to work on your event, that will be shaped, thanks to our correspondence during the months prior to your wedding. On the other hand, please do prepare a list of questions (even those that you may consider “silly”) for us. We will be glad to answer!
  2. Shopping around. I the long and rough process to choose a wedding planner, you might be tempted to shop around, contacting tons of wedding planners, who offer various service at different costs.
    The market, nowadays, offer anything you might ask for. Nevertheless, consider the risk you are running. In fact, in the last few years countless agencies of wedding planners arose in Italy, improvised people, who are convinced that you need no special skill to do this job. Some of them praise a long experience in the creation of events, which is not true!
    Experience is the keyword. Look for experienced professionals, who have already organized numerous events. Do not contact too many wedding planners, because you can get lost. Choose the ones that stroke your attention and not the ones, whose services are too cheap. Customized weddings, based on the couple’s personality require attention to details, design and creativity, time and care.
  3. Be flexible with the date and the season. Saturdays are prime days as anywhere else. The high season starts mid-June and lasts until beginning of September, August being the busiest and priciest month.
    If you chose a venue with accommodation at peak time, you will have to hire it for a week, not just a few days. Reduce the number of guests if your mind is set on a particular expensive location or venue. Do not rely on a drop in numbers, because it’s abroad.
  4. Once you have decided on a Wedding Coordinator, trust them to do their job.
    You and your Wedding Coordinator have a common goal; to create the best wedding you can have.  Let them find the best vendors for you, after all, that is what you hired them for.
  5. DO consider a florist.  It always scares me when brides say they don’t need a florist.  Maybe their aunt knows where to get them from the farmers market or they think it’ll be a fun project the morning of the wedding.  It won’t be, I swear.  From a planning perspective, this leaves SO much room for error.
    What if the flowers you love are out of season?  How will you store them? Where will you store them? How will everyone get his or her flowers?  What will the centerpieces be displayed in?  How much do the vessels cost in which to display them? I could go on. I completely understand that flowers can be expensive.  (I’m understating here)   But a really, truly great florist will be able to create something wonderful from the smallest of budgets.  You don’t need a huge bridal bouquet.
  6. DO budget. Work out your finance very early: being realistic about your budget is essential. Don’t fool yourself with a figure knowing you can go over it. You will only be hurting your chances of selecting the best possible vendors.
    Your wedding planner is your accountant and will believe the budget you give them. They honestly try to work within your parameters. Therefore, decide on a realistic figure so your wedding planner can recommend the vendors who will deliver the best work within your budget. A wedding planner serves as a financial advisor and accountant for you.
  7. Do not follow trends. With social media and all the different images we have out there now, it’s easy for people to get carried away copying celebrities or dresses. Ultimately your wedding should be an authentic representation of you! Peruse trends and carefully consider if it matches your unique self.
    Focus on something unique to you. In the long and complicated process of organizing a destination wedding overseas, brides are often tempted by fancy blogs. In these colorful and inexhaustible inspiration sources, you can pick up thousands of fantastic ideas, I agree. I often amuse myself, having a look at beautiful, astonishing and funny pictures.
    Some of the creations shown in them are simply beautiful, others are undoubtedly fancy but unrealistic and extremely expensive at the same time.The decorations that will embellish your wedding must reflect your personality, beyond fashion and the standardized ideas, imposed by the medias.
    Consider deeply what your taste and passions are, while creating your special day. We will be there for you, close to you, step by step, to help you create your customized event. Unique and unforgettable. Yours!
  8. Do – Enjoy the moment! You will likely only have one wedding! It can be a fun and excellent way to connect with your loved ones and fiancé.
  9. DO Pick your venue first – NOT your wedding date. Brides tend to lock down a date before anything else, but I recommend them picking their dream venue first.
    Locking yourself down to a set date will likely limit your venue options, as there are many other brides out there booking weddings too. We suggest having a wedding date window of opportunity — a few weeks to a month.
  10. Vendor meals: “Be sure you remember to feed the people that are working nonstop to make your day flawless! You’ll be expected to give your final guest count to your caterer within two weeks of your day, but don’t forget to include the number of vendors you’ll have so that the caterer can prepare simple meals for them, separate from your guests.
    Most caterers will count your vendor meals less than  half-price, so be sure to include your band members, photographer, videographer (and any second shooters), as well as your planner and their assistants.”
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