Symbolic Ceremony in Tuscany

Symbolic Ceremony in Tuscany

There’s no formula to a symbolic wedding, every ceremony is unique, since it reflects  your personality and your essence. We will discuss your ideas and desires and we’ll make sure the ceremony turns out exactly the way you want it.

Your wedding day is a ‘bringing together’ of the most important people in your life; your family, friends and loved ones. Your wedding is also one of the biggest events in your life. We will accompany you from the very beginning , through the process of creating your customized ceremony, until the Big Day.

Your ceremony is a ‘Celebration’ in every sense of the word. Whilst you may believe that you are looking for a rigid formal wedding, the truth is that often the most unforgettable ceremonies are light-hearted and enjoyable.

This type of ceremony can take place everywhere, in a vineyard, in an  olive groove , on a sandy beach on the Tuscan coast , as well as in a garden of a villa, in an intimate place such as  a small balcony  of a castle, on a hot air balloon, on a boat, in the mountains in the snow…

Our celebrants  be glad to meet you before the ceremony in order to know each other and to discuss about the ceremony together.


We love Boho hippie style


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