Sneak Peek Camille and Shannon Gorgeous wedding

Sneak Peek Camille and Shannon Gorgeous wedding

I am so pleased to share some photos from Shannon and Camille ‘s wedding last week end of september.
They are such an awesome couple and their wedding was breathtakingly

The event was filled with amazing rustic/chic decor with white, and light shades of pink…
I loved watching them take their vows and celebrate with their family and friends!
Congratulations Shannon and camille !!!! I love you both! I wish you both all the love and happiness that the world has to offer.
You are so blessed to have each other and your amazing family and friends. Thank you for giving me the honor and privilege of being your wedding planner and making me feel like part of your family! Shannon and Camille , you are gorgeous inside and out!

Here is a quick sneak peak I grabbed this photo on my iphone , and from our videographer Elena Foresto until the professional photos come!

We cannot wait to share all of the photos! and we look forward to showing you the rest!


Knowing that what we do make those couples and their families happy , is at the end of the day what matters!!
Each of our clients has left a blessing in our lives , and we thank you all for the opportunity of being part of their wedding day!
Please read their comments…

We want to thank you Chiara for giving us the wedding of our dreams. Wedding’s are NOT easy to orchestrate due to the emotions running high and people being tense and wanting to have everything perfect for the perfect price! But somehow you managed to understand our needs, push for the very best for us, get prices down, and still get from it a picture perfect experience that was the moment of magic I had longed for my entire life.
You worked so hard, you were always available, always ready with a smile and you never, ever let anything ruffle you. You picked the right caterer to reflect US, a FANTASTIC DJ, and the most divine flowers and decorations which people are still raving about.
Thank you for being the steady hand, and the force behind the scenes that pulled it all together. And for being such a classy, straightforward lady that deserves all the respect. I recommend you to any couple looking to get married in Italy.

With Deepest Gratitude,


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