City Wedding

City Wedding

Hello! long time no see,  we are very busy with weddings, our apologies…
But I’m still here… And excited to show you this adorable Siena city wedding of Alison and Martyn.

Allison and Martyn got married on a cloudy day in the Townhall of Siena, on the 18th may 2012, in the gorgeous Piazza del Campo. Allison was so scared that it could rain… But finally that did not happen. They were staying with their families in a cozy and intimate bed and breakfast a few steps from the townhall. The bouquet was made up with ivory roses with small blossoms. It was beautiful and matched perfectly with the elegant wedding gown that Allison was wearing.
The civil ceremony took place in the afternoon. The civil ceremony was accompanied by the music of a fantastic guitar. The atmosphere was magic. Everybody was so excited. Allison and Martyn were so happy!
Finally, when they came out from the townhall, the whole piazza cried: “Viva gli sposi!” That was so nice…


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