Planning Your Wedding in Italy!

Planning Your Wedding in Italy!

Destinations weddings are growing in popularity due to the ease and lower costs associated with them. It is the perfect way to combine the most special day of your life with the ultimate honeymoon. A destination wedding is also ideal for couples getting married for the second time, it’s the perfect way to create beautiful new memories together.

By far the most requested destination is Tuscany – Italy, as there is no residency requirements. Needless to say, ‘bella Tuscany’ offers a myriad of possibilities, beautiful cities, charming villages, castles, cathedrals, country chapels, panoramic seaside locations, not to mention the history, art, climate, culture and warmth of the Italian people. Tuscany offers a great palette of hues… just pick the season and let Tuscany’s spectacular display of nature enchant you!

The cost is cheaper than you think:

Just to give you an idea, according to statistics the average cost of a wedding in Tuscany is around €10,000 compared to UK £17,000, US $22,000 (€18,000) and AUS $50,000 (€36,000).

There are two reasons a destination wedding is less expensive:

  1. You’re combining your wedding and honeymoon into one, plus there are always great package deals choosing this option which means great discounts!
  2. Your guest list will be smaller! Only your closest family and friends will travel to your destination wedding so there will be no need to pay for 100’s of guests, such as your coworkers, friends of friends, third cousins etc, people that you were obligated to invite but didn’t really want to attend your special day.

Why is it a good idea to hire a Tuscan based wedding planner?

Not long ago, the idea of hiring a wedding planner was thought of as a luxury, now a wedding planner is essential to a well planned event. And no this is not a marketing ploy so that you will hire us. It is proven over and over again that hiring a wedding planner is a way to save money when planning a wedding and the levels of stress that go into planning a wedding are greatly reduced, (you don’t have a nervous breakdown, we have it for you!).
Working alongside a wedding planner who speaks Italian will definitely relieve a considerable amount of stress in the planning stages. A locally based coordinator takes advantage of their knowledge of the area and established relationships and discounts with vendors which would not be available to private parties. At Weddings In Tuscany, our experience and knowledge will always ensure that you will receive excellent service and choice of vendors at the best prices available.


Set your budget.

Before you begin planning your wedding, be sure to decide on a budget. Everything else revolves around this: the size of your wedding, the guest list, the program, vendors etc.

How much time can you spend in Italy?

You will need to be in the country a few days before your wedding day to complete the marriage requirements of Italy such as the legal documents.

Would you like a civil ceremony, religious ceremony or symbolic ceremony?

This is an important decision which has to be made at the beginning stages of your planning. Email me if you would like to know more about how these ceremonies differ and the requirements for each one.

How many guests will be attending?

If you are expecting there will be alot of family and friends attending your wedding. Tuscany has some extraordinary and surprisingly affordable options that can double as both ceremony location and accommodation for large parties.

Give your guests plenty of notice.

Send ‘save the date’ cards to your guests as soon as your plans are set – six months to a year is ideal, this will give them plenty of time to make travel arrangements.

What kind of Tuscan experiences would you like to share with your guests?

A private wine tour, hot air balloon rides above the Tuscan landscape, Cucina Rustica cooking classes, tours of villas or castles? We can create an itinerary which best fits your interests and helps you and your guests experience the heart of Tuscany!

Traveling to and from Tuscany.

The fastest and most convenient way to reach Tuscany is to fly into Pisa or Florence airport. Other airports such as Rome or Bologna are also good links to the area.

Legal paperwork:

There are a few legal requirements for getting married in Italy, although the process is fairly simple and in most cases can happen with short notice. Any foreigner wishing to marry in Italy will need to have the following documents:

  • A valid passport (always check how long beyond your length of stay your passport needs to be valid for, e.g. 6 months).
  • Full birth certificate.
  • If previously divorced/widowed, your divorce decree or death certificate.

*These documents may need to be translated into Italian and authenticated by an Italian Consular Officer.
Upon presenting these documents you can then obtain the necessary documents needed to get married in Italy.

  • Nulla Osta:
    This certificate grants permission for you to marry in Italy and must be obtained from your country’s appropriate regional Consulate or Embassy in Italy. This is usually the only document needed for UK or Irish citizens. Please make sure you are clear on the necessary paperwork you will need. Without it you will not be able to get married in Italy and/or you wedding will not be valid in your home country. If you are unsure Weddings in Tuscany can help you, contact us at
  • Overseas wedding insurance.
    Please make sure you are covered by travel insurance before leaving your country.
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