Italian Singing Waiters

Italian Singing Waiters

Picture this… your wedding reception has begun, your guests are all enjoying the authentic Tuscan food, sipping on the famous local wines when suddenly one of the Italian singers masquerading as a waiter spontaneously bursts into an operatic song, your guests of course are completely surprised, a little stunned and intrigued by the fact that the waiter has a pretty incredible voice!

The waiter then recommences serving your guests and everyone assumes that it was just a random act by a crazy Italian waiter. As the evening progresses, another waiter spontaneously unleashes a dynamic performance, by now your guest realize that all is not as it seems and they begin to anticipate more highly enjoyable theatrics and the singing waiters do not disappoint, they all break into a lively, funny and thoroughly entertaining performance that leaves your guests cheering for more… a fun and memorable ending to your wedding celebrations.

If you are interested in having the Italian singing waiters perform at your wedding, contact Chiara at

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